Maimuna Venzant

In Solitude Characters

Character 1: Old One - No one knows exactly who she is but she plays an important role for the existence of the library and may be as old as time itself. She does not speak but is sometimes seen conversing with Madam Lady.

Character 2: Madam Lady - The head of the library. She is very stern and strict and is usually held up in her office taking care of important documents.

Character 3: The Zashi - based on the zashiki-warashi from Japanese folklore. There are a ton of these little guys that run around the library playing tricks and just having good fun. No one knows exactly why they're there since they do not seem to have any importance to the library.

Character 4: Madder - A mad scientists with a skull for a head. He's in charge of research and development. He's a bit wacky and always coming up with different experiments that end up blowing up the lab.

Character 5: Toro's Mask - this is believed to be the eyes of the library. The library is alive in a way and this is a way for the mask/ library to oversee all of the attendants. It is unsure if the mask can do anything physically or magic-wise, but everyone goes straight back to work when it appears.

Character 6: Estudia - he is in charge of organizing all of the books and researching new knowledge that enters the library. Pretty serious dude who is often pranked by the Zashi.

Character 7: Wander - a cat that seems to have wandered through the halls for centuries since the library was first created.

Character 8: Lady Ann - A girl who's lineage is unknown and who may or may not be dead. She is girl that wandered into the library centuries ago, Madam Lady welcomed her in since she had no where else to go. She often helps Estudia with the book organization but is often laying about reading.

Character 9: Liam - a scholar from the underworld who recently came to the library to do research for his thesis. He's a pretty funny kid and may have ulterior motivs. Spends alot of time following Lady Ann, although she frequently ignores him.

Character 10: Mr. Cooper - a business man in charge of all of the business attire and expenses for the library. Making sure everything is paid for and and that everything runs properly. Also known as the director.

Character 11: The safeguard of the Library. He has no name but Liam and Lady Ann refer to him as Xander, I guess because it sounds majestic. He is often seen playing with the Zashi but he's strong enough to destroy any intruder rather they be a human, demon, or ghost.