Maimuna Venzant



Various films I have worked on. Some Personal and some collaborative.


Official Website:

A 10 week student film, done for my Collab Class at Savanah College of Art and Design (SCAD) about two kids battling it out at an arcade. I contributed to painting UVs for various objects in the background such as arcade boxes, designing various games, screen designs for the arcade boxes, background layouts, and coloring characters after animation. 

We'll be submitting this film to a few Film Festivals, so unfortunately, for the time being we cannot release the full film publically, but I will be putting up a calender for any film festivals our film will be showcased in.

Green Letter

A personal short film I am currently working on about a Cowboy, a mischievous kid, and a letter. 

Goal: is to have this film done by Jan 2020.


A Short Film in the making called "WYD" by Kylie Gay.

I was lead background designer and layout artist; participating in drawing allot of the layouts and helped conceptualize the look of the film. 

Kylie Gay Website:


Project Limbus Patrum

A girl wakes up in Limbus Patrum left with only her distant memories of her older brother. As she wanders this mysterious world she enters an ancient library where she finds a stoned encased goddess and an ancient book engulfed in light. The light envelopes her mind and gifts her with a vision of what trials she must face in order to return to her brother, but more is at stake than just being unable to return home.

(On going project I will be continuously updating.)