Maimuna Venzant


Visual Development

In Solitude

The Library is everywhere and it is nowhere. Few know where and how to seek it out, and those who do without special permission may never return. Deep within the main building are nine odd characters keeping the Library running, keeping it organized and functioning. Everything runs smoothly and properly as it should, that is until a scholar from the underworld arrives in search of something specific, some knowledge to complete his thesis. And this, my friend, is where our story begins.

I am looking to make this into a comic in the near future; so right now I'm in the visual development stage for it.

Project Limbus Patrum

A girl wakes up in Limbus Patrum left with only her distant memories of her older brother. As she wanders this mysterious world she enters an ancient library where she finds a stoned encased goddess and an ancient book engulfed in light. The light envelopes her mind and gifts her with a vision of what trials she must face in order to return to her brother, but more is at stake than just being unable to return home.

(On going project I will be continuously updating.)


Green Letter

A personal short film I am currently working on about a Cowboy, a mischievous kid, and a letter. 

Goal: is to have this film done by Jan 2020.

The Writer & Mary

He’s literally trapped in his writings, she’s literally trapped in music and glamour, but perhaps a book will bring these two together.

(On going project I will be continuously updating.)